Is it time to abandon bogon prefix filters?

Justin Shore justin at
Wed Aug 6 11:19:37 CDT 2008

Rob Evans wrote:
>> I see a number of hits on those entries, especially on 94/8.  and 0/8.
> You do know that 94/8 has been assigned to the RIPE NCC, right? :-)

I knew I should have logged into a production box to look at the ACL 
counters.  But no, I thought the former border that I was already logged 
into was good enough.  Apparently not!  :-)  I stopped updating it's 
BOGON list when it was decommissioned and retasked.  I could have sworn 
that was just this past April and the only change since then was 112 and 
113/8 which I accounted for mentally.  Apparently it was longer ago than 
I thought!


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