was bogon filters, now "Brief Segue on 1918"

Matthew Kaufman matthew at eeph.com
Wed Aug 6 09:44:16 CDT 2008

Darden, Patrick S. wrote:
> Most private networks start at the bottom and work up: 192.168.0.X++,
> 10.0.0.X++, etc.  This makes
> any internetworking (ptp, vpn, etc.) ridiculously difficult.  I've seen
> a lot of hack jobs
> using NAT to get around this.  Ugly.

Well, you can always do what one of the companies I work with does: 
allocate from for networks that might need to interoperate 
with 1918 space and hope that it is "forever" before we run so low on 
IPv4 space that needs to be taken out of reserved status.

How many more weeks is "forever" now?

Matthew Kaufman
matthew at eeph.com

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