Out of Date Bogon Prefix

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Aug 5 23:32:15 CDT 2008

> Switching topics only slightly: Nick, do you have any data on what parts
> of the 'Net you can and cannot reach?  Perhaps take a dump of
> route-views and ping some IPs in each ASN?  Shouldn't be hard to script,
> and might yield useful data - both to you and the rest of us.

tee hee.  been there.  done that.  and for  paper
submitted a month ago, but you saw a preso of the technique a year ago,
see <http://rip.psg.com/~randy/070604.nanog-bogons.pdf>.

arin has the code from us so they could put it into production if they
so chose.


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