Out of Date Bogon Prefix

Tim Sanderson tims at donet.com
Tue Aug 5 14:26:57 CDT 2008

Ya sure, like any of us would admit to 50% clue-ness.

With all the posts here about bogons I would really be surprised that any nanog readers didn't know about keeping bogons updated.

Tim Sanderson, network administrator
tims at donet.com

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On Tue, 05 Aug 2008 12:16:53 CDT, Nick Downey said:
> This is an heads-up from the Mediacom Network Operations Center about an
> issue we are seeing. We
> were recently given an IP scope from ARIN (American Registry for
> Internet
> Numbers) that still
> exists on older Bogon lists many web providers are currently using.

Out of curiosity - what percentage of connectivity providers are both clued enough to be represented on NANOG and yet unclued enough to not understand the need to keep bogon filters up to date (even if you just get a BGP feed from Team Cymru)?

(By the way, Nick - if what you sent NANOG was a form letter template, I'd lose a lot of the RFC references and point at Team Cymru's stuff instead)...

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