Is Usenet actually dead?

Florian Weimer fw at
Mon Aug 4 15:19:16 CDT 2008

* Jay R. Ashworth:

> Opinion pieces in Wired and AG's grandstanding by throwing babies out
> with bathwater notwithstanding, a query from a cow-orker caused me to
> wonder: is there still anyplace to get a Usenet feed from these days
> that isn't {Giga,Super,etc}News?  I want to pull maybe 30 or 40 tech
> groups into my own server for the 5 or 6 people in my IT group.

You should be able to get the Big 8 (without any binary junk) fairly
easily.  Finding someone who manages your subscriptions using GUP (or
even manually *gasp*) could be more difficult, though, so receiving a
subset is likely not an option.

(I haven't got a Big 8 feed to offer, I'm sorry.  The regional ISP I use
offers an NNTP feed managed by GUP.)

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