ARIN Advisory Council wants your input.

Leo Bicknell bicknell at
Mon Aug 4 07:52:48 CDT 2008

Dear NANOG Community:

ARIN has two proposals currently active that may have significant
operational impact on *your network* as the IPv4 free pool

  2008-2 "IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal" which would allow the
         transfer of the right to use an IP block.

  2008-5 "Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 deployment"
         would set aside some IPv4 space to be used only to
         assist in the transition to IPv6.

Please see
for complete information.

The place where discussions on proposed ARIN policies takes place
is the ARIN Public Policy Mailing list <ppml at>.  You're
encouraged to join the list, and observe or participate as you see
fit.  Additionally, you're encouraged to attend the ARIN meeting
which will be colocated with the NANOG meeting this fall in Los

The Advisory Council has the task of editing proposal 2008-2.  There
are many complex technical and political considerations that are
related to this proposal, and the ARIN Advisory Council values the
input of all community members and stakeholders.

The ARIN Advisory Council will shortly be publishing a questionnaire
on [email protected] to help gauge community sentiments on the aforementioned
considerations.  In order to keep a lid on ballot box stuffing
activities, ppml subscribers will each be given a token to allow
them to weigh in once on the survey.  The survey is anonymous; no
record of how or whether particular individuals responded will be

If you'd like to be in on this survey, *now* is the time to subscribe
to ppml at  Information on how to subscribe is located at

Thank you for your time and input, on behalf of the ARIN Advisory

--- Leo Bicknell, ARIN Advisory Council Chair

       Leo Bicknell - bicknell at - CCIE 3440
        PGP keys at
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