Neil J. McRae neil at DOMINO.ORG
Fri Apr 25 13:31:44 UTC 2008

The current technologies for DWDM have really made it technology 
that's reasonably straight forward to deploy. The last
generation was a nightmare!

Tuneable optics, dispersion compensation, and ROADM have made
a substantial difference to deploying and operating DWDM networks.

I had experience with the former generation system from Nortel 
which although very reliable it was very resource intensive
to deploy new services, the latest CPL technology from Nortel
is a real breakthrough, for once a vendor has listened and understood
the challenges for operators and actively addressed our concerns.

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Subject: [NANOG] DWDM

Does anyone know where I can locate a list of DWDM networks deployed for
Education, Science & Research, and Commercialization?

We need to determine the practicality of DWDM use...


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