Bell Canada/Bellnexxia ignoring MX records, anybody else?

Mark Jeftovic markjr at
Thu Apr 17 15:50:43 UTC 2008

We've been working on this for about a week, we are in touch with some 
network folks at Bell but I'd like to see if this is something a bit 
more widespread than domains hosted on our nameservers. (We have had a 
report of similar behavior from another DNS host)

At any rate, what it looks like to us is that customers using Bell SMB 
outbound mail servers, possibly other outbound mail servers on Bell 
(Nexxia, Sympatico?) to destination domains whose NS are hosted on our 
nameservers seem to have the MX record *ignored* and the mail is 
delivered to the A record for the domain.

We also suspect that it happens when the MX record points at a host back 
inside the Bell network/address space.

Is anybody else noticing this?


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