Anyone from Verio here?

Blake Pfankuch bpfankuch at
Thu Apr 17 00:45:55 UTC 2008

I would first speak with oper staff on efnet.  Based on the fact that
the nicks are single characters, im going to be that someone affiliated
with staff somehow owns these, as usually opers swipe the cool nicks
quickly.  If they don't have anything, might check the irc-security list
but most likely this will be considered off topic even there.

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Just going off your email address/domain, it occurs to me that your 
problem may in fact be far to leet for the likes of nanog to handle.
you tried an efnet oper? They have far superior leetness, and quite
a little more time on their hands. One of them may also own that botnet,

so you'd be hitting two birds with one stone.

- billn

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Jake Matthews wrote:

> I've sent repeated emails to abuse at*, no response yet.
> There is an IRC DDoS bot on EFnet actively attacking users - and has
been for 
> quite a while, as you can see from the signon date.
> I am one of those being hit - any idea how to "take care of it?"
> g is ~sharon at * sharon stone
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