Postmaster @ (or what are best practice to send SMS these days)

Dominic J. Eidson sauron at
Wed Apr 16 18:04:32 UTC 2008

My recommendation as of late has been to use WCTP with a TAP backup. 
(using qpage at $WORK)

This way you get the faster delivery/rate of WCTP, with an OOB fall-back 
should it be needed.

Most pager companies (and presumably many cell providers) provide 
interfaces for one/both of the above.

  - d.

On Wed, 16 Apr 2008, Patrick Shoemaker wrote:

> Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 13:33:40 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Postmaster @ (or what are best practice to send SMS
>     these days)
> My solution is to use a modem / POTS line hanging off the nagios box along 
> with the qpage daemon to send alerts out through a TAP gateway. If you need 
> the specs and 800 number for Verizon's TAP gateway I can send it offlist.
> This is important not only to avoid the inconsistency of the vtext email-sms 
> gateway but to get an alert out in case of a major network disruption that 
> breaks email functionality.
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> David Ulevitch wrote:
>>  We've noticed that 1234567890 at is no longer a very reliable form
>>  of delivery for alerts from Nagios, et al.  It seems as our volume of
>>  alerts has risen, our delivery rate has dropped precipitously.
>>  We don't expect much trying to actually reach a postmaster for
>>  so I thought the better question would be to ask what the current best
>>  practice is to get SMS alerts out?
>>  Back in the day, I remember a company I worked for had something called a
>>  TAP gateway.  Is that still a good route?  I've also been told to check
>>  out an SMS gateway/api service called  -- anyone using them
>>  to delivering timely notifications?
>>  Is the best thing to do to try and get a programmable cellphone in a
>>  datacenter?
>>  What else are operators doing to get the pages out when things go wonky?
>>  -David

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