Postmaster @ (or what are best practice to send SMS these days)

David Ulevitch davidu at
Wed Apr 16 17:00:08 UTC 2008

We've noticed that 1234567890 at is no longer a very reliable 
form of delivery for alerts from Nagios, et al.  It seems as our volume 
of alerts has risen, our delivery rate has dropped precipitously.

We don't expect much trying to actually reach a postmaster for 
   so I thought the better question would be to ask what the current 
best practice is to get SMS alerts out?

Back in the day, I remember a company I worked for had something called 
a TAP gateway.  Is that still a good route?  I've also been told to 
check out an SMS gateway/api service called  -- anyone 
using them to delivering timely notifications?

Is the best thing to do to try and get a programmable cellphone in a

What else are operators doing to get the pages out when things go wonky?


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