Abuse response [Was: RE: Yahoo Mail Update]

William Herrin herrin-nanog at dirtside.com
Tue Apr 15 18:54:49 UTC 2008

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 2:04 PM, Steve Atkins <steve at blighty.com> wrote:
>  Unfortunately many of the skills required to be a competent abuse desk
>  worker are quite specific to an abuse desk, and are not typically possessed
>  by random technical staff.


You don't, per chance, mean to suggest that random back-office
technical staff might not have the temper and disposition to remain
polite and helpful with the gentleman from the state capital so upset
about the interdiction of his political mailings that he's ready to
sic the regulators on you and wipe you off the map?

The problem is that the individual who -does- have those skills along
with the technical know-how to deal with the complaint itself usually
ALSO has the skills to be the customer contact for a multi-million
dollar contract. If you're a manager at a company that wants to, well,
make money, which chair will you ask that individual to sit in?


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