enterprise change/configuration management and compliance software?

Fred Reimer freimer at ctiusa.com
Tue Apr 15 14:58:25 UTC 2008

There are tons of products out there.  You could try looking at Cisco
Network Compliance Manager.  It supposedly has built-in compliance rules for
financial institutions (GLB, SOX, etc).  If you want to pay, people will
gladly take your money.



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Coleman Technologies, Inc.



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On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 2:31 AM, Phil Regnauld <regnauld at catpipe.net> wrote:

jamie (j) writes:
> `

> device, and by 'device' i mean router and/or switch) configuration
> management (and (ideally) compliance-auditing_and_assurance) software.
>   We currently use Voyence (now EMC) and are looking into other options
> various reasons, support being in the top-3 ...

       So I guess using something tried, tested and free like Rancid + ISC's
       scripts are not within scope ?

That was my first thought, but the in the industry I'm currently in
(financial), open sourceware for things like this is a definite [fail].

>   So, I pose:  To you operators of multi-hundred-device networks : what do
> you use for such purposes(*) ?

       Rancid :) (+ and now some home developed stuff)



>   This topic seemed to spark lively debate on efnet,

       The current weather would spark lively debate on most IRC channels.


haha.  depends on the day and what other scandals were ao

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