Calling TeliaSonera - time to implement prefix filtering

michael.dillon at michael.dillon at
Tue Apr 15 12:47:36 UTC 2008

> We're currently receiving the following prefix from 
> TeliaSonera on one of our IP transit links in Oslo:

> aut-num:        AS29049
> as-name:        Delta-Telecom-AS
> descr:          Delta Telecom LTD.
> descr:          International Communication Operator
> descr:          Azerbaijan Republic
> and *of course* they don't own

How can you tell who actually owns any network these days. According to
Lars Nyberg, President and CEO of TeliaSonera, TeliaSonera is committed
to Azerbaijan and will continue delivering world class service. This
statement was made at a press conference in Baku, the capital of
Azerbaijan, in January.

It took about 30 seconds of googling to learn that this Swedish/Finnish
merged company is in a joint venture with a Turkish company and that
joint venture is in another joint venture with the Azerbaijani
government. TeliaSonera owns a majority of the stake in the first joint
venture (Fintur Holdings BV) which owns a majority stake in the second
joint venture (Azercell Telecom). 

I still have no idea who owns what AS or IP address range, but it seems
to be reasonable for TeliaSonera, an Azerbaijani telecom company, to be
announcing an IP address range assigned to another Azerbaijani telecom
company. Have you asked TeliaSonera why they are announcing the prefix?

Yes, it is possible that someone in Azerbaijan made a mistake in
configuring their router, but rather than complain on NANOG, it would be
better to work back through the chain of BGP peers and help educate the
people who made the mistake.

--Michael Dillon

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