enterprise change/configuration management and compliance software?

Peter Dambier peter at peter-dambier.de
Tue Apr 15 09:33:41 UTC 2008


at Exodus we started talkimg about IASON.

In the long run everybody was afraid of IASON. They dared not
work on it.

Later I developed some bits and parts.

When we changed hardware in a small company (200 PCs, 20 servers
5 HP Procurve switches and two routers) IASON would discover
the switches as fast as they were powered and would move them
to a management network.

Operators and management were not amused.
IASON was changing passwords and ip-addresses :)

That has been the only try.

They idea is still a prolog based AI system, learning and knowing
every hardware, how it is configures and connected.

You move a PC from one location to another because people do move
or because a port on a switch has gone dead. IASON reprogrammes
switches and ports so you get the same VLAN.

Somebody is replacing a switch for whatever reason. IASON finds
the new switch and sees the connected pcs and uplinks. It reconfigures
the switch so as to replace the old one. You do net even need to
mind where everything was connected. IASON can change across vendors.

I guess it will take same time - but in the long run we will get it
and it will be open source.

Kind regards

Phil Regnauld wrote:
> jamie (j) writes:
>> `
>> device, and by 'device' i mean router and/or switch) configuration
>> management (and (ideally) compliance-auditing_and_assurance) software.
>>   We currently use Voyence (now EMC) and are looking into other options for
>> various reasons, support being in the top-3 ...
> 	So I guess using something tried, tested and free like Rancid + ISC's audit
> 	scripts are not within scope ?
>>   So, I pose:  To you operators of multi-hundred-device networks : what do
>> you use for such purposes(*) ?
> 	Rancid :) (+ and now some home developed stuff)
>>   This topic seemed to spark lively debate on efnet,
> 	The current weather would spark lively debate on most IRC channels.
> 	Phil 

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