enterprise change/configuration management and compliance software?

jamie j at arpa.com
Tue Apr 15 04:13:15 UTC 2008

  Gentlemen (and Ren!):    ;-)

  I'm currently investigating options w.r.t. enterprise-wide (over 250
device, and by 'device' i mean router and/or switch) configuration
management (and (ideally) compliance-auditing_and_assurance) software.

  We currently use Voyence (now EMC) and are looking into other options for
various reasons, support being in the top-3 ...

  So, I pose:  To you operators of multi-hundred-device networks : what do
you use for such purposes(*) ?
                                                     (*)see subject

  This topic seemed to spark lively debate on efnet, so i thought it
appropriate to ask here.  Feel free to respond privately (and I will post
summaries to the list), or direct.

  In any case, for the benefit of all, I will post in any case my/our

  Thanks in advance,

jamie rishaw
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