Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Simon Lyall simon at
Mon Apr 14 02:47:12 UTC 2008

On Mon, 14 Apr 2008, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> There already has been a paradigm shift. University students ("college" for you
> 'merkins) use facebook, myspace (less now, thankfully!) and IMs as their
> primary online communication method. A number of students at my university
> use email purely because the university uses it for internal systems
> and communication, and use the above for everything else.

That is not anything new. ICQ is 10 years old and IRC was common in the
early 90s. I would guess plenty of people on this list use (and used back
then) both to talk to their friends and team mates.

The question is what tool are people going to use to talk to people,
government bodies and companies that they are not "friends" with? Even if
the person you want to contact is on IM it is likely they will block
messages from random people due to the existing Spam problem there.

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