Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Adrian Chadd adrian at
Mon Apr 14 02:18:40 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008, Joe Greco wrote:

> browsers such as Firefox and Thunderbird.  But it is a LARGE paradigm
> shift, and it doesn't even solve every problem with the e-mail system.
> I am unconvinced that there aren't smaller potential paradigm shifts that
> could be made.  However...

There already has been a paradigm shift. University students ("college" for you
'merkins) use facebook, myspace (less now, thankfully!) and IMs as their
primary online communication method. A number of students at my university
use email purely because the university uses it for internal systems
and communication, and use the above for everything else.

I think you'll find that "we" are the paradigm shift that needs to happen.
The younger people have already moved on. :)


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