Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Rob Szarka szlists at
Sun Apr 13 19:17:31 UTC 2008

At 02:18 PM 4/13/2008, Barry Shein wrote:
>Is it abuse at domain or spam at domain or support at domain or
>postmaster at domain (very commonly used) or [email protected] Who cares? But
>let's pick ONE, stuff it in an RFC or BCP and try to get each other to
>conform to it.

abuse at domain is *already* specified (in RFC 2142).

Granted, separating reports of email abuse from those for other forms 
of abuse might be useful for large providers, but since we can't even 
get many domains even to set up the already-specified [email protected] address, 
much less read the mail we send to it, I'm not convinced that it 
would help. OTOH, many email providers seem to think it's my job to 
know what their internal organization is and re-route email to some 
spam-specific email reporting address. While that is just rude and 
ignorant behavior in my book, at least having a single standardized 
address would be an improvement...

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