Yahoo Mail Update

Matthew Petach mpetach at
Sun Apr 13 04:10:36 UTC 2008

On 4/10/08, chuck goolsbee <chucklist at> wrote:
> >        An anonymous source at Yahoo told me that they have pushed
> > a config update sometime today out to their servers to help with these
> > deferral issues.
> >
> >        Please don't ask me to play proxy on this one of any
> > other issues you may have, but take a look at your queues and
> > they should be getting better.
> >
> >        - Jared
>  Thanks for the update Jared. I can understand your request to not be used
> as a proxy, but it exposes the reason why Yahoo is thought to be clueless:
> They are completely opaque.
>  They can not exist in this community without having some visibity and
> interaction on an operational level.
>  Yahoo should have a look at how things are done at AOL. While the feedback
> loop from the *users* at AOL is mostly a source of entertainment, dealing
> with the postmaster staff at AOL is a benchmark in how it should be done.

*heh*  Well, depending upon how the battle turns out, Yahoo is likely to
go the way of whomever its new partner will be--which will either be more
like AOL, or more like Hotmail.

Sounds like there's already some amount of preference at least among
this group as to which way they'd prefer to see the battle go.  ^_^;


>  Proxy that message over and perhaps this issue of Yahoo's perennially
> broken mail causing the rest of us headaches will go away. It seems to come
> up here on nanog and over on the mailop list every few weeks.
>  --chuck

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