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Barry Shein bzs at
Fri Apr 11 21:04:09 UTC 2008

The lesson one should get from all this is that the ultimate harm of
spammers et al is that they are succeeding in corrupting the idea of a
standards-based internet.

Sites invent policies to try to survive in a deluge of spam and
implement those policies in software.

Usually they're loathe to even speak about how any of it works either
for fear that disclosure will help spammers get around the software or
fear that someone, maybe a customer maybe a litigious marketeer who
feels unfairly excluded, will hold their feet to the fire.

So it's a vast sea of security by obscurity and standards be damned.

It's a real and serious failure of the IETF et al.

P.S. Anyone else getting hit by sales calls for DDoS appliances and
other salespeople as a result of this thread?

This fishing in NANOG waters by salespeople is irritating and a good
reason not to do business with these companies.

I don't take my time to post on NANOG to invite a deluge of sales

        -Barry Shein

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