Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Eric Esslinger eesslinger at
Thu Apr 10 21:50:44 UTC 2008

Edward B. DREGER wrote:
> FB> Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:48:52 -0500
> FB> From: Frank Bulk
> FB> Q> Does Yahoo! use "greylisting" to reject messages?
> FB> A> No.
> FB>
> FB>
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I see this 'not greylisting' and we are a fairly tiny operation (I had 
about 20k outbound emails last week) and don't allow people to 
autoforward email from our servers. I find that destined mail 
stays in the queue for about 48 hours, with a 1,1,2,4,4,4,4,etc... hour 

As I tend to peak at a couple of hundred mail in the queue when things 
get busy, it's not a problem, but can see where it would be for larger 

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