Problems sending mail to yahoo?

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Thu Apr 10 20:07:45 UTC 2008

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Raymond L. Corbin wrote:
> Yeah, but without them saying which IP's are causing the problems you can't really tell which servers in a datacenter are forwarding their spam/abusing Yahoo. Once the /24 block is in place then they claim to have no way of knowing who actually caused the block on the /24. The feedback loop would help depending on your network size. When you have a few hundred thousand clients, and those clients have clients, and they even have client, it simply floods your abuse desk with complaints from Yahoo when it is obviously forwarded spam. So it's more of pick your poison deal with customer complaints about not being able to send to yahoo for a few days or get your abuse desk flooded with complaints which hinders solving actual issues like compromised accounts.

I look at all my mail server log files and see which logs show obvious spam
being forwarded (a lot of times the MAIL FROM address is a dead giveaway) or
I tail -F the mail log for a bit and watch the spam coming in and forwarding
back out. When I see the forwarding domain that's who I have contacted to
upsell some spam filtering. But, we're a small ISP, so I don't have
thousands, let alone hundreds of thousands of clients, to deal with...


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