Problems sending mail to yahoo?

Jeff Shultz jeffshultz at
Thu Apr 10 18:35:53 UTC 2008

Chris Stone wrote:
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> Barry Shein wrote:
>> Is it just us or are there general problems with sending email to
>> yahoo in the past few weeks? Our queues to them are backed up though
>> they drain slowly.
>> They frequently return:
>>        421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from MAILSERVERIP temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see
>>     (where MAILSERVERIP is one of our mail server ip addresses)
> ....
>> Just wondering if this was a widespread problem or are we just so
>> blessed, and any insights into what's going on over there.
> I see this a lot also and what I see causing it is accounts on my servers
> that don't opt for spam filtering and they have their accounts here set to
> forward mail to their accounts - spam and everything then gets
> sent there - they complain to about the spam and bingo - email
> delays from here to accounts....

This thread got me checking logs and I just spotted several of those 
"deferred due to user complaints" tags. And compared to them, we're 
tiny. Don't know if it's widespread, but it appears you are not the only 
one so blessed.

Jeff Shultz

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