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the astute (or obsessive) among you may have already noted that the
nanog 43 draft agenda was recently posted at:

the program committee is excited about both the content that has
already been selected and how early we have been able to get this
announcement out to the community.  we have received feedback
indicating that announcing most of the agenda early significantly
improves attendees' ability to obtain travel approvals and make travel

so here you have it.  two months out.

there are a few slots left and a bunch of great content still in the
submission queue, so expect a final agenda announcement within a
couple of weeks.  

if you have not already booked your travel and hotel for nanog 43 in
brooklyn, please consider doing so soon.  hotel rooms are a steal for
NYC (only $239!) and the city is beautiful in june.  thanks very much
to telx for subsidizing the rooms to meet the cost standards of the
unusually frugal (even miserly) group that we are!  this is really
what makes this nanog in brooklyn possible.

i want to thank the community for the outpouring of interesting
submissions that we received--there was a lot of good content to
choose from.  i also want to thank the program committee members for
all their hard work recruiting, shepherding and reviewing content.
it's not easy being on the program committee and we have a great team
of people working hard to produce this conference.  we think you'll
like it.

hope see you in brooklyn.

todd underwood

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