Speedtest site accuracy [was: Bandwidth issues in the Sprint network]

Jeff Shultz jeffshultz at wvi.com
Tue Apr 8 21:49:01 UTC 2008

Daniel Senie wrote:

> If you go to Speakeasy.net and run their test, the vendor of theirs has 
> a logo showing (and clickable). This outfit produces nice-looking speed 
> test software.
> That said, it just reported my Comcast Business account as getting 
> 25Mbps down, and 1.4Mbps up, which is pretty unlikely. Clearing the 
> browser cache alters the displayed speed considerably, so this is a good 
> indication of the usefulness (or lack thereof) of some of this software.

Speakeasy must be good - you're the second person in 5 minutes to 
recommend them.

What I'm looking for is software that we can install locally on our 
backbone so we can offer our customers an accurate and up-to-date 
performance measure of their own DSL circuit - which is anywhere from 
256/256kb to 1024/6.144Mbs at the moment.

We're going fiber-to-the-house over the next 5 years so I expect those 
numbers will continue to rise to the point that problems outside of our 
network will definitely be more of a bottleneck than problems inside our 
network - so I'm looking for a solution that will help us illustrate 
that point to our customers.

Jeff Shultz

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