Bandwidth issues in the Sprint network

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Tue Apr 8 16:08:00 UTC 2008

Try using the Java test on DSLReports rather than the Flash based test. I've found it to be much more accurate. I also receive the message about compression being used when I test with the flash test. I think it may be a bug.

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Currently there is not a proxy server in the network, although when using some of the test on there is a message about compression being used for the upload and to remove proxy settings.  I have also been testing using FTP on a *nix server as well.  Both the server and PC are connect to a Cisco 2960 switch in the headend that is connected to the 7200 router.  I can transfer ftp at about 80Mbps between the PC and the server, so they are not IO bound.  The Site I am testing with is a ftp server located in a colo facility that we use and has sufficient bandwidth.  This circuit is clean in the sense of not having CRC, framing or other errors but this is a new circuit and we have never gotten more than 5Mbps out of a single session
(flow/ip) across the wan.  I would have to double check the mtu, but it is currently the default.

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On Monday 07 April 2008, Brian Raaen wrote:
> I am currently having problems get upload bandwidth on a Sprint
> circuit. I
> using a full OC3 circuit.  I am doing fine on downloading data, but
> data I can only get about 5Mbps with ftp or a speedtest.  I have
> tested against multiple networks and this has stayed the same.
> Monitoring Cacti graphs and the router I do get about 30Mbps total
> traffic outbound, but individual (flows/ip?) test always seem limited.
> I would like to know if anyone else sees anything similar, or where I
> can get help.  The assistance
> have gotten from Sprint up to this point is that they find no
> problems.  Due to the consistency of 5Mbps I am suspecting rate
> limiting, but wanted to
> if I was overlooking something else.
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