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Joe Greco jgreco at
Sat Apr 5 22:12:00 UTC 2008

> Anyway -- I regard most of those warnings as quite overblown.  I mean,
> on lots of subway cars you stand out more if you don't have white
> earbuds in, probably attached to iPhones.  Midtown is very safe.  Your
> laptop bag doesn't have to say "laptop" on it to be recognized as such,
> but there are so many other people with laptop bags that you won't stand
> out if you have one.  Subway crime?  The average daily ridership is
> about 5,000,000; there are on average 9 felonies a day on the whole
> system. To quote a city police official I met, that makes the subways
> by far the safest city in the world.

That's probably an abuse of statistics.

> Yes, you're probably at more risk if you look like a tourist.  But there
> are lots of ways to do that, like waiting for a "walk" sign before
> crossing the street...  (Visiting Tokyo last month was quite a shock to
> my system; I had to unlearn all sorts of things.)

Looking and acting like you belong is good advice in most circumstances.
Act like the other monkeys.  If you don't give someone reason to question
you, they probably won't.  Wait, oh, that's the guide book for infiltrating
facilities ...  ;-)

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