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David Diaz at
Fri Apr 4 21:21:41 UTC 2008

Since several members pointed out I should post this information as people
are buying their plane tickets here it is:

If you plan on staying over in NY for a few extra nights to attend CBX or
just enjoy the city you will need to use the codes below. I would recommend
calling the hotel since you will need your nanog code as well as the CBX
code below for your longer duration stay.

Also, if you are PLANNING ANY EVENTS during the nanog and wish that
information passed on to other attendees please feel free to forward me your
event. I can also help make sure it does not conflict with any other events.
I do know there are events planned for the weekend prior to nanog and there
are events afterwards during the CBX.

New York is a wonderful city, however, as with any large city travel safely
-Do not use your iPod white ear pieces. Especially on the subway at night
-Travel in groups or with a local
-Know where you are going ahead of time so you do not need to keep the map
-Using your laptop on the train at night and storing it in a big laptop bag
that says LAPTOP or FORUM on it is a no-no
-DO NOT go to the wonderful local Apple Store and walk around the city with
that white APPLE bag full of iPhones
-Stay on the main streets not the allays especially off-Broadway
-Car services from the hotel are flat rates and very cost effective.

It's a very safe city for the last decade but travel smartly and enjoy.

Anyone wishing to be invited or included in any events around the city or
sponsored activities please email me at davediaz AT or davediaz AT

Rates for June 4th & 5th at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott use CODE #
Click here to book now

Cocktail Event at Battery Park Gardens Wednesday June 4th 7 - 11pm -
R.S.V.P to jsauer at - All NANOG Attendees are invited

Telx Customer Business Exchange "CBX" Thursday June 5th 9am - 3pm
Visit to register
*It is FREE to attend - All NANOG Attendees are invited

David Diaz


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