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Fox, Thomas tfox at
Thu Apr 3 15:20:38 UTC 2008

I'm suggesting that MSN/Hotmail and the others are using a system or systems
that aren't properly updated, not that they are necessarily querying ORDB

There are no issues with my outbound mailserver IP that shows up in any
monitoring system or blacklist of which I'm aware.

We had no issues with delivering mail to these sites until ORDB came back

Thanks Suresh!

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No.  Thats not because of ordb.  Because you see, if hotmail or these
other providers were using ORDB (they sure as hell arent) none of the
subscribers to those srevices would be getting ANY email at all.

There's some other issue with your IP.  And it is an issue that
multiple providers are seeing

NAT gateway and mailserver IP on the same interface, for instance?  Or
an overactive marketing department with a newsletter?  Or an ISP with
outbound spam problems from compromised user PCs?


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