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> > I doubt we'll ever see the day when running gigabit across
> > town becomes cost effective when compared to running gigabit
> > to the other end of your server room/cage/whatever.
> You show me the ISP with the majority of their userbase located
> at the other end of their server room, and I'll concede the argument.
> Last time I looked the eyeballs were across town so I already have
> to deliver my gigabit feed across town. My theory is that you can
> achieve some scaling advantages by delivering it from multiple locations
> instead of concentrating one end of that gigabit feed in a big blob
> data center where the cooling systems will fail within an hour or two
> of a major power systems failure.

It might be worth the effort to actually operate a business with real
datacenters and customers before going off with these homilies. Experience
says that for every transaction sent to the user, there are a multiplicity
of transactions on the backend that need to occur. This is why the bandwidth
into a datacenter is often 100x smaller than the bandwidth inside the

Communication within a rack, communication within a cluster, communication
within a colo and then communication within a campus are different than
communication with a user.


> --Michael Dillon
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