fiber switch for gig

Justin Shore justin at
Wed Apr 2 13:50:42 UTC 2008

Are you wanting hardened devices for an outside cabinet install (if it's 
going outside then you'd better want hardened devices) or is this for an 
internal environmentally-sound install?  What's your definition of "long 
distance"?  1800ft, 10km, 20km, 40km, 70, 80, 110?  Assuming SMF, do you 
need simplex or duplex?

Have you considered talking to a FTTx vendor?  We use Occam here and 
they make some cost-effective fiber products built with FTTx in mind. 
I'm not sure how they compare price-wise with products you listed below 
but it might be worth checking out.


Andrew Staples wrote:
> Speaking of running gig long distances, does anyone on the list have
> suggestions on a >8 port L2 switch with fiber ports based on personal
> experience?  Lots of 48 port gig switches have 2-4 fiber uplink ports, but
> this means daisy-chains instead of hub/spoke.  Looking for a central switch
> for a star topography to home fiber runs that is cost effective and works.
> Considering:
> DLink DXS-3326GSR
> NetGear GSM7312
> Foundry SX-FI12GM-4
> Zyxel GS-4012F
> I realize not all these switches are IEEE 802.3ae, Clause 49 or IEEE 802.3aq
> capable.
> Andrew

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