NANOG 43 Preliminary Agenda

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Wed Apr 2 03:53:30 UTC 2008

As you know, April 1st, 2008 was the last date for submission of
presentations for NANOG 43.
I am pleased to present preliminary agenda for the meeting.

Security, Morning Devotional:
  By Paul Ferguson, Preaching <>

  Randy Bush, IIJ: "We tried it 20 years ago, and it didn't work then"

TCP/IP optimization, mumbo-jumbo method:
  Presented by Gamerail and KillerNIC.

IPv8 hour, only connectivity provided will be IPv8.
  Sponsors: Jim Fleming, UNIR and Campbell's v8.

100G networking panel.
  Moderators: Vijay Gill, "It does not scale".

PGP Sleeper Cell Keysigning:
  Majdi Abbas, Al-Lattice and P.L.O. Networks Inc.

Ethernet Panel:
  Marty Hannigan, "Clocking on Ethernet Networks"

Community meeting:
  Marty Hannigan, "If you don't control the broom, you don't control the room"
  Alex Pilosov, The Putin of NANOG
<>, on community-based

Datacenter Power Panel. Moderators:
  Vijay Gill: "It does not scale".
  Randy Bush: "I want 400000 Watts per square foot".
  Josh Snowhorn: Green Datacenters - capturing power of lightning and
    hurricane winds, and other benefits of locating facilities in Tornado
  Jay Adelson, Equinix: Datacenter Power Limits
  Alex Pilosov, Pilosoft: Low-cost colocation

Special Announcement By Iraqi Information Minister ir. M.H.P.P. Adriaens:
  Relevancy of IPv6 in today's world

Depeering BOF: Moderators:
   Vijay Gill
   Patrick Gilmore <>
   Art G, Cogent <>
   Aaron W, Cogent <>

Lightning talks:
  Tony Kapela: load balancing, wavelength division multiplexing, forward
    error correction keying (FECK) and Kilobyte-Volumes of Service (KVoS)
    in metro networks. 5 minutes.
  Richard Steenbergen, Steenbergen Transport:
    Visio Alternatives For Network Design

IPv4 exhaustion BOF, Forceful Reclamation of IP Space
   Moderators: Omachonu Ogali, Carabineros de Chile LLC, Yocum Gang,
   Three Sheep, Jacques Movies, Erie Forge and Steal.

  BGP and No Engineer Left Behind Act:
     "30 nanogs later, same people at this room. Is our children learning?"
     By Philip Smith and George W Bush.

  Self-defense for sales engineers: Wrestling, presented by Arbor Network,
     and basic knife-fight skills, presented by Dougie Fresh, Microsoft.

  PC Routing Tutorial: 10GE on Soekris platform. By Vyatta Networks.

  Network Sniffing for dummies. By WYLTK LLC.

Beer And Gear:
  Sponsored by Vyatta Networks
<> and Cisco
Networks <>
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