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Alex's point is that 5x density does not mean that the infrastructure costs
are less than 5x.  At a certain point in time there is a rate of return
lower than 1.

We're so stuck thinking that costs are primarily related to square feet, but
with powering and cooling costs being the primary factors, we may be better
off thinking in terms of costs in relation to amps.


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I don't disagree with what you have written above, but if you can get
100A into all 5 racks (and cool it!), then you have five times the
revenue with the same fixed infrastructure costs (with the exception
of a bit more power, GenSet, UPS and cooling, but the rest of my
costs stay the same.)

>To rephrase vijay, "what is the problem being solved"?

For us in our datacenters, the problem being solved is getting as
much return out of our investment as possible.


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