[NANOG] nanog list is now archived in MarkMail

Wayne Feick waf at brunz.org
Tue Apr 29 23:13:45 CDT 2008

This is just a quick note to let people know that another list archive
is now available.

The company I work for, MarkLogic, sells a server that combines XML
database, search engine, and app server capabilities in a single
platform. As a demonstration of what can be done with our server, some
of our people have created MarkMail (http://www.markmail.org/) to
archive public mailing lists. So far, over 2000 lists containing over
11M emails have been loaded. 

I've been a lurker here from back when I worked at RouteScience, and
thought it'd be useful to get nanog added in to our system. As of today,
thanks to some help from Sue Joiner, nanog archives going back to April
'94 have been loaded and we're subscribed to the list going forward.

The archive is available at


This is a free service with no advertising. Our intent is just to
provide a useful application with the goal of getting people to say
"Hey, I want one of those!" I'll leave it at that to not run afoul of
the AUP with respect to marketing.



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