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ps - a 2007 updated prezo on SURFnet6's DWDM network presented by Erik-Jan Bos:


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>re: "the latest CPL technology from Nortel is a real breakthrough, for once a
>vendor has listened and understood the challenges for operators and actively
>addressed our concerns."
>When CPL was appeared I found its architecture refreshingly straightforward, as
>you've also noted, which was best demonstrated (to me, at least) by Kees Neggers
>within SURFnet6 throughout the Netherlands about three years ago (thus allowing
>him to offload boatloads of Layer3 gear). 
>I'm not sure which issue of the Cook Report it was in, but the details of this
>SURFnet6 deployment were captured in an interview of Neggers quite nicely by
>Gordon Cook in one of his reports during that era.
>During the intervening three years, however, advancements in dispersion
>management have been introduced and opened the door for some new players, such as
>Infinera, whose use of electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) in its WDM
>platforms has now given it somewhat of an edge, or so it seems at the moment,
>based on the market share it has gained in a very short time. I'm hardly
>suggesting that Infinera trumps the former CPL approach across all areas of
>design consideration, but only that it's an  approach that merits investigation.
>I should note that Infinera went diametrically against the grain of the
>"all-optical" holy grail that is commonly sought by many, and actually leverages
>its ability to perform functions in the 'electronic' domain a lot more
>efficiently than other vendors have been capable of achieving in the purely
>optical domain, thus positioning itself in a category that's pretty much all its
>own today. I'd be eager to read comments and criticisms from anyone who's had
>actual experience with its wares.
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>On Fri Apr 25  9:31 , "Neil J. McRae"  sent:
>>The current technologies for DWDM have really made it technology 
>>that's reasonably straight forward to deploy. The last
>>generation was a nightmare!
>>Tuneable optics, dispersion compensation, and ROADM have made
>>a substantial difference to deploying and operating DWDM networks.
>>I had experience with the former generation system from Nortel 
>>which although very reliable it was very resource intensive
>>to deploy new services, the latest CPL technology from Nortel
>>is a real breakthrough, for once a vendor has listened and understood
>>the challenges for operators and actively addressed our concerns.
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>>Does anyone know where I can locate a list of DWDM networks deployed for
>>Education, Science & Research, and Commercialization?
>>We need to determine the practicality of DWDM use...
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