[NANOG] Level3 not honoring Broadwing contracts?

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Tue Apr 29 16:08:21 UTC 2008

On Tue, 29 Apr 2008, Chris Owen wrote:

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> On Apr 29, 2008, at 7:17 AM, Deepak Jain wrote:
>> But if you are looking for Level 3 to make any sense, you are going to
>> be waiting a long, long, long time with the rest of us.
>> They have never successfully "sold" much in their brief history. They
>> have successfully acquired lots, and lots, and lots of revenue and
>> then
>> burned it off fabulously quickly.
> Yea, we were a Telcove customer and recently talked to our new Level3
> salesperson (200 miles away).  He basically told us they wouldn't be
> selling us anything new in the future (at any price) but it probably
> wouldn't matter because they would also be "rerating" our colo charges
> too.  This in a datacenter that is at least 1/2 empty.

The Broadwing Norristown facility is perhaps 25% used....a lot of empty 
space there.  I have no idea what they are thinking...maybe Level 3 has 
big plans for it, or wants it shut down, because it's hard to see how it's 
profitable at a utilization rate that low.

> It was clear from the conversation that he never considered for a
> moment that we might actually pay the new rate.  He just assumed we
> were gone as soon as it happened.  Obviously I don't have a business
> degree because I don't understand the business model of buying up
> business and then going out of your way to chase off their customers.
> The Level3 higher ups must see something I don't.

This letter had the "director's" name, but no way to contact him.  No 
phone number, no email address.  I basically had to make several phone 
calls to find my rep, since my original BWing rep was long gone.>

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