[NANOG] would ip6 help us safeing energy ?

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ESPN360 used to be something that internet subscribers paid for themselves,
but now it's something that ISPs (most interesting to those who are also
video providers) can offer.

If you google around you can find a pretty good Wikipedia page on ESPN360.

I looked into this for our operations because we do both (internet and
video).  The price was reasonable and you only pay on the number of internet
subs that meet their minimum performance standards.  Since 50% of our user
base is at 128/128 kbps, that's a lot of subscribers we didn't need to pay
for.  In the end, I didn't get buy-in from the rest of the management team
into adding this.  I think they perceived (and probably correctly so) that
too few of our users would actually *use* it.  If I could get even 2% of our
customer base seriously interested I think we would move on this.

BTW, there's no multicast (at lease from Disney/ABC directly) involved.
It's just another unicast video stream like YouTube.


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I became aware of something called espn360 last fall.  I just did a
google search so I could provide a URL, but one of the top search
responses was a Aug 9, 2007 posting saying "ESPN360 Dies an
Unneccessary Death: A Lesson in Network Neutrality ..."  I don't
think it's dead, though, and maybe if you don't know about it, you
can do your own google search.

I think Disney/ABC thinks they can get individual ISPs to pay them
to carry sports audio/video streams.  I suppose that would be yet
another multicast stream method, assuming an ISP location had multiple
customers viewing the same stream.

Are other content providers trying to do something similar?  How are
operators dealing with this?  What opinions are there in the operator

  Mr. Dale

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