[NANOG] Purpose of Internap's PNET AS22212

Randy Epstein repstein at chello.at
Mon Apr 28 16:13:53 UTC 2008


PNET (AS22212) is looked upon by InterNAP's PNAPs (its various ASes) as just
another transit provider in the mix.

So yes, InterNAP technically peers (under AS22212), but there is no
guarantee its various PNAPs would choose that path, depending upon a number
of factors.

(Disclaimer: This is what I've gathered from public information, not from
information obtained under non-disclosure.)



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Can anybody shed some light on Internap's PNET AS22212? Specifaly how it
relates to their PNAP architecture?  Is Internap now doing peering? I was
under the impression that their entire business model was based around
isolated PNAPs and being a backboneless provider. Attempts at getting an
explanation from Internap have been fruitless.


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