[NANOG] would ip6 help us safeing energy ?

Marc Manthey marc at let.de
Sun Apr 27 21:50:09 UTC 2008

>> i am not a math genious and i am talking about for example serving
>> 10.000 unicast streams and
>> 10.000 multicast streams
>> would the multicast streams more efficient  or lets say , would you
>> need more machines to server 10.000 unicast streams ?

hello all ,

> For 10000 concurrent unicast streams you'd need not just more servers.

  thanks for the partizipation on  this topic ,  i was "theoreticly "  
speaking and this was actually what i wanted to hear ;)

> You'd need a significantly different network infrastructure than  
> something that would have to handle only a single multicast stream.
> But supporting multicast isn't without it's own problems either.   
> Even the destination networks would have to consider implementing  
> IGMP and/or MLD snooping in their layer 2 devices to obtain maximum  
> benefit from multicast.

i was reading some papers about multicast activity on 9/11  and it was  
interesting to read that it  just worked even when most
of the "big player " sites  went offline, so this gives me another  
approach  for emergency scenarios.



> Akamai has built a Content Delivery Network (CDN) because they do not
> have to rely on any specific ISP or any specific IP network  
> functionality.
> If you go with IP Multicast, or MPLS P2MP(Point to MultiPoint) then  
> you
> are limited to only using ISPs who have implemented the right  
> protocols
> and who peer using those protocols.

so this is similar to a "wallet garden " and not what we really want ,  
but i was clear about that this is actually the only idea to implement
a "new" technologie into an existing infrastructure.

regards and sorry for beeing a bit offtopic



> Antonio Querubin
> whois:  AQ7-ARIN

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