[NANOG] [Nanog] Routing Policy Information

Greg VILLAIN nanog at grrrrreg.net
Fri Apr 25 10:34:51 UTC 2008

On Apr 23, 2008, at 11:23 PM, Fouant, Stefan wrote:
> </end lurk>
> Hi folks,
> Wondering if there is a good repository of information somewhere which
> outlines the various major ISPs routing policies such as default
> local-pref treatment for customers vs. peers, handling of MED, allowed
> prefix-lengths from customers, etc. or would one have to contact each
> ISP one was a customer of to ascertain this information.

I'm a bit late on that, but I'd tend to think this is commonly done on  
their RIR aut-num object.
This should at least be true for Major Bandwidth providers.

> Thanks in advance.
> Stefan Fouant
Freelance Network&Telco architecture consultant
> Principal Network Engineer
> NeuStar

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