[NANOG] support.microsoft.com?

Jutta Zalud jutta at rainbow.or.at
Thu Apr 24 08:38:03 CDT 2008

Marshall Eubanks wrote on 24. April 2008 at 15:07:

> It looks to me like they are doing file compression on the site.

> (E.g., there seems to be an index.html.gz file there.)

> This practice is described in "High Performance Web Sites" and other  
> fine publications. I
> would be curious to know if this is a problem with Lynx or with their  
> site setup.

Looks more like a problem with Microsoft's site setup.

Lynx has no problems with html.gz my own testsite
http://www1.netzwerklabor.at/forum/ (you may use it for testing, but it
is *not* on a high performance server ;)


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