[Nanog] Cogent Router dropping packets

Pete Templin petelists at templin.org
Tue Apr 22 15:15:14 CDT 2008

John van Oppen (list account) wrote:
> I know I have experienced the engineering department there as well, the
> best one was when they wanted paper documentation for every route I
> asked to have in our filters...  (and they were incapable of using
> RADB).   It was especially odd since we have > 80 of our own peers and
> three other transit providers to who we were announcing over 100 routes
> while they still wanted paper docs.

I've fixed this by throwing their own policies back at them.  Point out 
to them that the route is already appearing globally through your AS, 
and remind them that their policy, section 3b, already allows that.  :)

On the previous topic, I'd have to say that their two-peer system is 
perhaps one of the better, if not best, multihop implementations I've 
seen.  Amongst other things, it tends to provide a rapid assessment of 
"life in the POP".  I just wish they'd use their network status messages 
  to reflect when they were having problems, instead of just problems 
that are too large for the call center to handle.  :(


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