[Nanog] VoIP over Asymmetric routing

Kim Onnel karim.adel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 01:34:36 CDT 2008


We are going to roll out a network to carry VoIP only, between the P
routers, there will be 3xOC3 links.

Each site has 2xPEs, PE1 is connected to the P router in the local premises
with 10GE and PE2 is connected with 2xOC3s to remote P sites for backup
incase local P fails.

VoIP is going to be generated by Ericsson Media Gateways and the network
designers are suggesting to take traffic in the outgoing direction through
the PE1 path and come back through the PE2 path (if that makes sense), so
traffic will take a different link for outgoing over incoming.

>From your experiences, I am wondering what are future unforeseen pitfalls we
can get into?


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