[Nanog] ATT VP: Internet to hit capacity by 2010

Dragos Ruiu dr at kyx.net
Fri Apr 18 22:57:41 UTC 2008

On 18-Apr-08, at 1:45 PM, David Coulson wrote:

> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
>> I think that is based off the all American TV going to HDD that is
>> supposed to happen in 2009. ( I think I read that currently only 40%
>> of Americans have HDD TV's and the 60% were not going to buy one  
>> until
>> it became too late. )
> This is not accurate. In 2009 the US is terminating analog (NTSC)
> transmission of 'over the air' broadcasts. It has nothing to do with
> 'high definition' broadcasts. OTA broadcasts will just be done using
> ATSC, rather than NTSC. It will continue to provide SD programming.

Bet you a beer it won't happen. :)

Just like the mandated HD broadcasts in top markets by 1997 or else  
they lose license.


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