[Nanog] ATT VP: Internet to hit capacity by 2010

David Coulson david at davidcoulson.net
Fri Apr 18 20:45:08 UTC 2008

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> I think that is based off the all American TV going to HDD that is
> supposed to happen in 2009. ( I think I read that currently only 40%
> of Americans have HDD TV's and the 60% were not going to buy one until
> it became too late. )
This is not accurate. In 2009 the US is terminating analog (NTSC) 
transmission of 'over the air' broadcasts. It has nothing to do with 
'high definition' broadcasts. OTA broadcasts will just be done using 
ATSC, rather than NTSC. It will continue to provide SD programming.


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