Cogent issues in SF area?

James Jun james at
Sat Sep 29 16:54:17 UTC 2007

> Maybe they depeered themselves.  They seem to be on a roll!

It's quite ironic and they (Cogent) are quite contradicting themselves.
When their CEO, Dave Schaffer comes out to media and bashes Level3, France
Telecom, AOL, etc (the list goes on), citing "Cogent is being unfairly
treated", each and every time Cogent gets depeered, you would think Cogent
would be the last network to be the one pulling jack moves.

Now it seems Cogent is the one that's unfairly treating their peers, the
table has been turned around.  

Time to buy some ATDN transit just to reach Cogent, eh? I'm sure they'll get
a kick out of this one :)


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