i think the cogent depeering thing is a myth of some kind

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat Sep 29 16:43:54 UTC 2007

> This is a proven maneuver and Cogent is not the first to do it.

i guess that without knowing who else these de-peered networks are customers
of, it's hard for an outsider to guess which ratios into cogent's network by
other peers will improve as a result of de-peering these networks.  had you
been writing for a technical audience i'm sure you would have alluded to this,
i'm sure.  now that i know the article was a leak rather than a publication,
it all becomes clear.

> ... That full explanation was missing from the writeup that is posted (and
> I'll allow it to stay up for now), because that report was aimed at folks
> who may not be fully conversant in peering - financial professionals. BTW,
> thanks for dropping me an email to ask me about it, before posted to NANOG.

the text i saw was so uncharacteristically non-dan-golding, that i really did
think it was a hoax.  you're right that i should have asked you about it; in
my defense i was leaving for the weekend and didn't have as much time as this
should've gotten.

> As far as reachability from one provider to another - I've heard that one
> can make routing changes quickly and easily on this crazy Internet thing.
> Perhaps in the 24 hours since I wrote that, a few changes occurred?

i'm a cogent customer, and my path to nlayer at the moment i read your note
still went through cogent.  what was i to think?  anyway, problem solved.

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