DDoS Question

Matthew Sullivan matthew at sorbs.net
Sat Sep 29 09:39:53 UTC 2007

Raymond L. Corbin wrote:
> messages to fail in our servers. You can always try the rbl that lists a
> lot of residential IP's in it...i think it's the PBL from spamhaus. That
> would help limit it, and blocking emails with the domain
You'd have better luck with SORBS DUHL if you don't want to pay for 
Spamhaus data.  (a peak of 192 messages/minute and an average of 4 
messages per minute were considered excessive enough for my DSL's to be 
blocked by Spamhaus).  I would also suggest NJABL as it used to list 
dynamics, except it is not listing just dynamics now, and it has merged 
into Spamhaus as the PBL.  Of course Trend are now running what was 
MAPS, which is another pay for service which is also useful.



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