Emergency ARIN Contact?

Dan Mahoney, System Admin danm at prime.gushi.org
Sat Sep 29 09:24:19 UTC 2007

Hey all...

Apologies if this is off-topic, but it appears something insidious (or at 
least unfortunate) has happened to the netblock allocation for a company 
I'm working with -- it's basically dropped off the face of the planet, 
fairly recently.  Conveniently, late on a friday, is when it was noticed.

..of course, this kills reverse DNS, which means all the clients are 
unable to send mail, at all.

Does anyone know any of the following:

1) If there's an "emergency" contact at ARIN who can deal with off-hours 
requests (if there's an expedite fee, I'm pretty sure it's willing to be 

2) If there's a way of accessing historical WHOIS records and/or 
changelogs?  (i.e. does someone keep an archive?)

Thanks for any and all help.

-Dan Mahoney


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